Joost Emmerik (°1979) is a garden and landscape architect. Joost searches for a serene simplicity, combining clear lines, robust materials and luscious planting into places that grow more exuberant over time.

A firm belief in the evoking power of gardens and a need for them in this day and age form the basis of his work. The garden as a world in itself, equal to the house. The garden as a room, not belonging to mankind, but to nature.

Joost is head of the Master’s programme in Landscape Architecture at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, is a visiting lecturer at Technical University Delft and the Academy of Architecture Rotterdam and is a member of the Talent Building Committee of the Creative Industries Fund.

Collaborations with BDR bureau, Blooming Business, Carton123, Cityförster, De Kort van Schaik, De Onkruidenier, Frank Bruggeman, Gustav Düsing, Heembouw, Koehorst in ‘t Veld, Kossman de Jong, Meier Unger Architekten, Mainstudio, Minji Choi, Mulder Zonderland, Nieuwe Instituut, Overtreders W, Paul Casteleijn Hoveniers, Personal Architecture, Roberta di Cosmo, Schipper Bosch, Studio Ossidiana, Studio Nauta, Tomasz Trzupek, Trafique.