Flower Bath

Spiere, Belgium

The former swimming pool near the Belgian village of Spiere has been out of use for far longer than it has even been in use. Planting and trees have taken over the site, turning it into a ruin. Still, the place is recognisable immediately as a swimming pool because of the particular visual language. Flower Bath builds upon this language and expands it; a border of simple concrete tiles creates a legible contour around the pool, starting blocks function as seating element. A sea of blue flowers in the pool brings to mind the swimming water. A carefully selected combination of annuals and perennials changes throughout the season and offers a slightly different view with every visit.

During the festival Contrei Live, the Flower Bath will function as a place both contemporary and historic, beautiful and melancholic. From the cycling path along the river Schelde the blue hue of the flowers will be visible. Visitors can walk around the pool or look at the planting from inside the building. Kids will pretend to dive in or climb out. After the festival the public garden can be kept as a flower garden or the intervention can be deconstructed and all its components reused.